25 Mar

How To Get A Good Royalty Rate

How To Get A Good Royalty RateHave you been searching for the best royalty rates on intangible property? If so you have how many offers are out there that seem entirely too good to be true and usually can’t believe it because there are so many stipulations and fine print that you end up paying twice your budget. The hardest part about finding the perfect agreement for your client is finding the royalty rate that fits the needs of your client.

Get the best royalty rate for your licensing contract by making sure you have access to the current licensing agreements from Royalty Range. You must also be knowledgeable about common industry practices to help you determine the right royalty rate for an agreement on a particular piece of intellectual property. With all of this informational access in one database you can craft an agreement with terms that satisfy both parties agree upon because you will have access to incredible features that include; standard comparisons of similar agreements and royalty rates.

To get this access you will need to find a reputable royalty rates database such as Royalty Range. This will give you data on the amount of your expected royalty rate as well as tons of other features that will allow you to determine if the rate is worth the asking price. In addition to accessing detailed information on European and American licensing agreements, the right royalty rate database will help you draft license agreements in line with standard industry practices, consulting and arbitration services.

When you work with intangible property rights your goal is to ensure you maximize your client’s access to the property by drafting an advantageous licensing agreement. Royalty Range provides the most up to date licensing agreements so you always have accurate information that your client’s rely on you to provide.

09 Jan

DISH Network Is More Than A Satellite Internet!

fast satellite internetDISH Network, the leader in satellite internet, has expanded their service to the millions of DISH Network internet subscribers, for a better and enjoyable entertainment. Today, you will not only get high class satellite internet service from DISH, but you also get to bundle your TV package with high speed internet, using the newest service of the company – dishNET. Now, people across the United States can have TV + Internet bundle for a levelled-up entertainment that is all in one affordable price.

DISH Network collaborated with the country’s well-renowned satellite internet providers like Viasat Exede but read careful Exede internet reviews, that is offering up to 13mbps speed for its downstream, and 3 mbps upstream,  and HughesNet’s Gen4 that is now offering 15 x faster internet speed, which made it America’s top preference for satellite internet. DISH Network chose the best in the industry, in order to provide only the BEST when it comes to internet service.

This collaboration of the biggest names in satellite TV and satellite internet guarantees DISH Network’s customers an unparalleled service that is hard to beat in terms of quality, speed, performance, and price.